Listen to the Cellphone Audio for Stop #20
spoken by Dr. Richard Kessler

The streetscape blocks represent various cave creatures as well as plants of the karst region. One of the most beautiful of cave creatures is the cave salamander. Cave salamanders are referred to as cave “visitors,” which means that instead of spending their entire life in the cave, they move back and forth between the external world and the twilight zone of the cave entrance, where they feed on cave beetles and cave crickets. Cave salamanders will thrive only in healthy caves, so the fact that cave salamanders can be found in Hidden River Cave is an excellent sign that the cave Eco-system has recovered from its former polluted state. All cave animals are quite rare, so don’t expect to see many, but if you look carefully you might be fortunate enough to see a glistening orange salamander with black spots in one of the damp crevices near the mouth of the cave.

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Stop #20 – Cave Creatures

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