Listen to the Cellphone Audio for Stop #13
spoken by Peggy Nims

On this tour you’ll see several beautiful photographs of Hidden River Cave taken by Gene Bowen, a professional photographer. Gene has some tips on cave photography.

First of all, Keep in mind that you have to furnish all your light. You can position your light for great effects, but you also need it to see. Secondly, you have to protect your equipment. Carry a towel to put the camera and equipment on. If you go to one place to take a photograph and then want to move ten feet, you have to pack up everything to move it.

Remember a point and shoot camera won’t work. The flash won’t give enough light. Sometimes when you use a point and shoot, you’ll see white spots. The light from the flash is bouncing off moisture and dust. Use an off-camera flash to avoid that bounce-back effect.

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Stop #13 – Cave Photography

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