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spoken by Tom Chaney

As early as the 1840’s, the cave region of south central Kentucky drew distinguished writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, noted poet and philosopher. The mysteries of caves still inspire writers, including Hart County native and award winning poet, Davis McCombs. Listen as he describes the “wind” that caves seem to exhale in the opening lines of “Cave Wind” from his book “Ultima Thule:”

“Knowing it is shaped by the size of the passage it unwinds through, (thus its particular form and flue), we are not deceived when, on summer afternoons it stiffens into fog, clusters in the vines and scrub brush littering the entrance sink – no cough or eructation, it is a constant velocity we read or clock (no need to vane it) for the scope and girth of the cavern, asking does it go or siphon? Knowing its speed portends the cave we’ll discover.”

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Stop #12 – Cave Literature


Davis McCombs reading “Bottomless Pit”

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