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spoken by Ken Russell

As you walk through Horse Cave, take time to think about the wonders under your feet. Deep beneath you, Hidden River rushes underground, carving its passage through layers of limestone. In 2003 Horse Cave received a transportation grant to redo their streets and sidewalks, and selected landscape architect, Mark Arnold as their designer. When Arnold’s team visited the community and toured the cave, they wanted to find a way to link the streets-cape with the cave system underground. They proposed outlining the cave in the sidewalk. Residents were delighted as they had long wondered exactly where the cave was in relation to the surface. Arnold and his team used digitized maps of the cave laid over digitized maps of the town and used their CAD program to integrate the two. The sidewalk is made of concrete, but wherever the cave runs under the sidewalk, they washed off the top layer to expose the aggregate mixture below. The aggregate looks like a pebbly cave floor.

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Stop #11 – Horse Cave Streetscape Project

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