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Built in the early 1920s the Horse Cave State Bank Building originally had a corner entrance, which was eliminated when the art deco facade was added in the 1930s. When the bank moved to a newer building the downstairs was used for various businesses, including a dress shop. The upstairs fell into disrepair. The Horse Cave Theatre – as it was then known – acquired the building the 1990s. By that time the upstairs had been taken over by pigeons as a communal roost, and the extensive renovations included removal of the pigeon population. Today the upstairs is used as seasonal apartments for actors performing at the Kentucky Repertory Theatre. The downstairs houses the theatre’s business office and the more intimate black box theatre that has lovingly been renamed The Horse Cave Theatre in memory of Kentucky Rep’s illustrious past.

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Stop #10 – Horse Cave State Bank Building

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Oral Histories about the
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