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Built around 1860 by W. M. Wilson, the Thomas House was one of the earliest houses in Horse Cave and has ties to Elizabeth Wilson, Horse Cave’s founding mother. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth brought her eight children, their families, and servants to what was then the frontier. She built her own home on what is now Church Street. When she died, she left property on what is now Main Street to her grandson, who built the house. In later years the house belonged to Dr. George A. Thomas and then to his son, Dr. Harry B. Thomas. The Thomases each built additions onto the house, including an upstairs bay window where they could look out over their cave. The Victorian style house is distinct because it has a corner turret enhanced with detailed woodwork, a mansard style roof, and porches on both the front facade and the side. The Thomases owned Hidden River Cave, and it was the younger Dr. Thomas who operated it as a show cave for tourists. Thanks to his engineering genius, Hidden River Cave was the first show cave in Kentucky to have a trail illuminated by electric lights. Today the Thomas house is owned by the city and used as a community building.

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Stop #7 – Dr. Thomas House

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Oral Histories about the
“Dr. Thomas House”

Sandra T. Wilson, Executive Director, Horse Cave/Hart County
Tourism Commission

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Tom Chaney,

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Donna Logsdon,
Historic Preservation Architect

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