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Mary Margaret Villines

When you look at the lobby of the theatre today, it’s hard to imagine, but it was originally built as a tobacco barn, the only structure that the fledgling theatre could afford. As the theatre grew, we were able to convert the barn into the present structure.

The Kentucky Repertory Theatre has been more successful than anyone dreamed. USA Today listed ten great places to “see the lights way off Broadway,” and Kentucky Repertory Theatre was included. Even among those theatres, many were not equity, meaning not fully professional theatres. They usually have only a summer season, while we stage plays throughout the year. While we produce some light comedy, we also do dramatic works and classic plays. The playwright who is produced most often is Shakespeare. Our youth group does at least one performance each year, and they prefer Shakespeare over any other playwright.

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– Dr. Thomas House

Stop #6 – Kentucky Repertory Theatre

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Oral Histories about the
“Kentucky Repertory Theatre”

Ann Matera, City Clerk,
City of Horse Cave

“Bringing a dream to life”

Tom Chaney,

“Tobacco barn lobby”

Mary Margaret Villines, Development Director,
Kentucky Repertory Theatre

“National recognition”

Randall Curry,
Mayor of Horse Cave

“Big yellow school-buses at the theatre”