Listen to the Cellphone Audio for Stop #4 spoken by Ann Matera, City Clerk, City of Horse Cave

This is the Main Street side to Kentucky Repertory Theatre. (The lobby is around back.) The presence of a world-class theatre in the tiny town of Horse Cave is a tribute to the community’s vision. Local residents Tom Chaney and Bill Austin and their friend Warren Hammack dreamed of creating a professional theatre in Horse Cave. The community embraced the idea and citizens made pledges to secure credit from a local bank to purchase and refurbish two buildings. Built in 1911 by Dr.Harry B. Thomas, this two-story brick commercial building consists of two separate buildings tied together by a single cornice. Known as the Opera House, it was the venue for traveling vaudeville acts in the early 1900s and a theatre for silent films in the films in the 1920s. After decades as a commercial building, it began its new life as a part of Kentucky Repertory Theatre. Local citizens provided sweat equity. Girl Scouts scraped plaster from brick walls and cleaned seats rescued from another theater before the opening production of Candida in 1977.

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Stop #4 – The Opera House

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