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The Bookstore is open six days a week – seven if there is a show at the theatre. The store specializes in second hand books and has an astonishingly diverse collection plus a wall of historic photographs of Horse Cave. Tom Chaney, co-owner of the bookstore and a driving force behind the creation of the Kentucky Repertory Theatre, began posting photos in the 1990s, and since then local citizens have added countless photos to his collection. Tom Chaney himself is a large part of the attraction of the Bookstore. Tom probably knows every story ever told about Horse Cave, fact or fiction, and if he doesn’t know it, he can make it up. He is often found in the bookstore, sitting in one of the comfortably worn east chairs, spinning one of his favorite yarns.

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Stop #2 – The Bookstore

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Oral History about the
“The Bookstore”

Tom Chaney, Co-Owner
The Bookstore

“The Bookstore”